Please note: IJS is committed to creating a physically and emotionally safe and respectful environment for all of its participants. As an expression of this commitment, all applicants to CLP are required to be members of a professional organization that has clear protocols for adjudicating any claim of ethical impropriety. Applicants who are not members of such an organization must submit proof of having joined one prior to being accepted into the program.

Please carefully read below the information from IJS' "Making Safer Spaces" Policy. We also ask that you read our guidelines for how we make for safety on retreat. 

IJS is committed to making our retreats as safe as possible for all participants. Jewish professionals who are currently going through an adjudication process with their professional organization for ethics violations of a sexual nature or involving physical or emotional abuse may not attend our retreats or retreat-based programs until there has been resolution of the case. Those who are currently suspended or have been expelled from their professional organization for such violations may not attend our retreats.

You may contact Rabbi Sam Feinsmith with any questions or concerns about our ethics policy at: [email protected]

Application Questions

Program Costs 

Application Fee:  The $120 application fee includes access to The Gift of Awareness:  Cultivating Mindfulness Through Jewish Meditation. This 8-week online course by IJS provides instruction in the fundamentals of Jewish mindfulness meditation. Prior to attending the first retreat, all participants are required to complete this course. Access to the course, and participation in it, will be granted regardless of whether or not one is accepted into the program. We will notify you when the course becomes available in Spring 2024.

Program Tuition:  Tuition includes all program components, including room and board for the four in-person retreats. (Travel costs to and from the retreats are not included.) All participants stay in single rooms at retreats. 

We offer tuition at three levels. Participants commit to a single tuition level for the full extent of the program. Level 1 covers the actual cost of your participation.  

Accepted participants pay a $500 deposit to confirm enrollment in the program. The remaining tuition is divided into four equal payments due when registering for each of the four retreats.

  • Level 1: 4 payments of $3,450
  • Level 2: 4 payments of $2,375
  • Level 3: 4 payments of $1,525

Please select a tuition level for the program: We ask that you please select which tuition level you will pay for the program.  While the tuition level you indicate here is not binding, it helps us anticipate program revenue and financial aid needs.  The level you choose will not have any bearing on your application.  All participants pay a $500 deposit to confirm enrollment and one of three different tuition levels indicated below. 

Financial Support:  Financial support is available upon request. Jews of Color, LGBTQ+, and clergy with disabilities will receive priority support. Please fill out this form to apply.


Payment Information

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